IC-PQ3-XMCa - IC XMC MPC8536E 处理器模块

IC-PQ3-XMCa is designed to offer in a small board footprint the gigahertz-class complex application processing abilities and the high speed connectivity available in the MPC8536E. Thus, the IC-PQ3-XMCa takes up and enhances the features and performan.

The IC-PQ3-XMCa is powered by a MPC8536E.This processor combines a robust e500 core, built on Power Architecture® technology, with enhanced peripherals and interconnect technology to balance processor performance with I/O system throughput.

The core integrates 2 * 32KB L1 caches and a 512KB L2 cache (sharable with high-speed SRAM). The Memory Management Unit supports 32 or 36-bit address access to the physical memory (up to 2 GBytes of DDR2). The Integrated Security Engine, available with this E
version of the MPC8536, allows to perform single-pass encryption and authentication as required by security protocols such as IPsec.

The memory resources of the IC-PQ3-XMCa are fi lled out by a solid-state disk based on NandFlash with an access through a SATA channel.

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Processor Unit
e500 core, up to 1.25 GHz, with :
L1 caches : 32KB Inst. and 32KB Data with parity
512 KB of L2 integrated cache or private SRAM
1 GB of DDR2 with ECC (2GB on demand)
128 MBytes of mirror Flash
512 KBytes of non volatile RAM
up to 16 GBytes of Nand Solid-state Disk (exclusive with the second SATA port on Pn6)
This processor provides an integrated security engine
supporting DES, 3DES, MD-5, SHA-1/2, AES, RSA, RNG,
Kasumi F8/F9 and ARC-4 encryption algorithms.

I/O subsystem
One PCIe link (x8 or x4) on Pn5 (with RC capability)
up to three Giga Ethernet ports : two (or three) autosensing
on the front (two of them could be routed on
Pn6 - without transformer).
One USB2 (High/full speed) on the front bezel (exclusive with the third Ethernet port) and two additionnal
channels on P16.

Temperature sensor
two RS232 UART and two SATA ports on Pn6 (one exclusive with opt. NAND Flash)
two I2C bus on Pn6
GPIOs on Pn6

Engineering kit for debug : JTAG/COP and RS232 console.
Several PMC carriers to build CPU for the main industrial
standards : VPX, VME64-2eSST with our IC-PMCVMEa,
cPCI-3U with our IC-PMC-cPCIa, etc.

XMC Module single width, compliant with IEEE P1386, ANSI/VITA 32-2003 and VITA 42.3 stsandards
Weight : 135 grs

Consumption in full-operational confi guration (1 GHz) : 12 W (Max)

Our basic fi rmware takes in charge Freescale’s new MPC8536E and its internal chipset initialization. This on-board fi rmware, based on the open-source UBOOT, is an effi cient set of software stored in a secured fl ash.

It is called by the reset vector when the board is powered up. It initializes the PowerPC and its system controller, performs a comprehensive Power-on selftests (PBIT), before jumping into different applications according to the values stored in memory. If the board acts as a Monarch PMC, the software executes an enumeration step, otherwise it waits for the PCI startup sequence from the host. In standalone mode the board directly runs the confi gured application.

This module allows the user to access the specifi c IC-PQ3-XMCa hardware resources via an easy-to-use API. This module is used as a library with Vxworks and as a dynamically loaded library module for Linux.

IC-BSP basic
These BSPs products are based on the standard distribution of the OS editor. They take in charge hardware initialization, interrupt handling and generation, hardware clock and timer services, memory management, PCI/PCIe management, mapping of memory spaces, serial ports, MAC driver for Gigabit ports. Interface Concept provides BSP for VxWorks® and Linux® operating systems. Other RTOS (Integrity...) can be ported on request.


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