IC-PQ2-PMCb - IC PMC MPC8270处理器单板计算机

        IC-PQ2-PMCb CPU 板配置一个64位的PowerPC本地总线,主机可以通过32位的PCI总线经PowerPC-to-PCI桥访问其处理资源。
        IC-PQ2-PMCb 支持3种模式:Monarch, Non-Monarch or in stand-alone。根据应用不同,PMC处理器可以做为主机或简单站点。

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IC-PQ2-PMCb PMC is an high integrated module with single board computer functionalities. This rugged PMC board is intended for embedded application with specifi c needs of conduction-cooled systems. This card has been designed in accordance with ANSI Vita 20 and IEEE1386.1

PCI mezzanine card standard. It features a high performance 32-bits PowerPC processor with three Fast Ethernet controllers.

IC-PQ2-PMCb can be used in conjunction with Compact- PCI, VME carriers or proprietary design. Many networks or embedded applications can be developed on-board : Processor module with a need of high level of integration and low power consumption.Communication controller with Multi-Ethernet Links.Ethernet channels with redundancy.

PPC603e with FPU 32 bits RISC架构带有 :266MHz CPU
16KB 指令 Cache 和 16KB 数据Cache.
64KB 板上双端口 SRAM.

64 or 128MB 共享DRAM带有ECC.
8 or 32 MB of Nor Flash EPROM.

实时时钟和432 bit-timers.
PCI 接口启动, 目标机 & 主机t:
32 bits @ 33 MHz
3.3V only PCI signaling Rev 2.2.

I/O subsystem
3个Ethernet 10/100TX接口,通过后背板
I/O Pn4 和Pn3连接器 :
4*多功能串行控制器 SCC[1..4].

Physical dimensions
143.75*74mm, stacking height 10mm.

Power requirements
3.3VDC only with less than 3 W for maximum confi guration.

EM compatibility
EMC/EMI : 89/336/ECC, EN55022 ClE, EN50082-2.


PowerPC embedded core
372 MIPS and 6,6SPEC95 @ 266MHZ.
FPU, MMU, 16KB IC & 16KB ID.
64 KB internal SRAM.

64 or 128 MB 64-bits wide with ECC.
Power management with self-refresh.
Fast access 10ns (

Flash or EEprom
8/32MB Mirror-NOR Flash.
32KB of EEPROM on the SPI bus.

128 KB

DMA controller
4 virtual independent channels.
8, 16, 32 bits peripheral support.
Scatter/gather with command/data chaining.
Transfers supported include: PCI, memory, internal I/O.

PCI interface
32-bit, 33MHz PCI version 2.2 compatible.
Signalization 3.3VDC only.
A poll of read and write buffers.
PCI host bridge and peripheral capabilities.
Monarch, Non-Monarch or stand-alone mode.
4 independent DMA channels.
I²O standard

Ethernet Port
Compliant with IEEE802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x.
10/100Base TX auto-sensing.
Surge protection

Other on-board functions
Temperature sensor usable via the SPI bus.
I²C bus, SCC signals and multipurpose I/O on PMC I/O.
On-board DC/DC generation .
Optional calendar clock and supercap for backuped SRAM.

Debug Ports via Engineering kit
RS232 serial link based on SMC UART.

BSP for VxWorks® and Linux® operating systems.Other RTOS (LynxOS,...) can be ported on request


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